Business site

The definition of “Business site” is rather arbitrary. Any site created for business can be called a “business” site, even if it is a one-page or a landing page.


The opposite of a website for a business can only be a personal website that is not intended to drive profit. And yet, most sites are created in one way or another with the aim of obtaining benefits.

By conventionally dividing sites into categories, it can be determined that a business site is aimed at representatives of the so-called medium or large business and contains, on average, from 10 to 50 main pages (category and subcategory pages).

The design of the business site is tailored for sales, it is developed taking into account the corporate identity of the company.

There is a kind of business site – “corporate site”. A corporate website can be a kind of internal social network of a company: it can be a means of round-the-clock communication with customers or partners, perform the function of a file sharing service, and be used as a means of interaction between employees.

The creation of such a site begins with a thorough study of the tasks that the future site will perform, from its structure, with the active participation of the client (business owner or his representative).