Content filling

Content filling

The cost of creating a website is often calculated based on its volume. The volume of the site means, first of all, the number of pages and content.

Верстка внутренних страниц

If the site develops and is filled with new information, it becomes necessary to add a certain number of additional pages.

1) If the site is created on the CMS – the client has the opportunity to fill it himself or turn to the services of our specialist: a content manager.
2) If the site was created without using the CMS – the work of a programmer (coder) is required for page layout.

The cost of creating additional pages depends on their volume and number of pages – the larger the volume of work, the lower the cost of each page will be.

If there is a template (design) of internal pages – each page will look presentable.

The creation of pages is possible if there is content – texts, photos, videos.

You can also contact our specialists regarding the creation of content.

Cooperation is possible on an ongoing basis (with a monthly payment) – our specialist will regularly fill the site with new materials (received from the client or created by our studio).