“Copywriter – writer of advertising texts, publisher of new ideas in advertising, protected by copyright.” – Wikipedia


The copywriter creates:


– Attractive advertisements.

– Messages, articles for website pages.

– Author’s text for search engine optimization.


Copywriting skills:


– Knows how to quickly grasp the subject of the client and write competent articles on any topic (from the intricacies of parquet laying to door locks).

– Knowledge in psychology realm.

– Understands the basics of search engine optimization.

– Writes so that it is “readable”.

– Grammar.


Unique texts are an important promotion factor. Search engines distinguish and highlight unique texts. To promote, you should regularly update the site – post fresh, useful, unique information.

Selling texts – sell. Such texts are called “messages”. Message – briefly expresses the main idea and interests.


Successful advertisements increase site visits. The skill of a copywriter is to interest and attract a visitor to the site.