Съемка видео

Video for a website in 2020 – effective and affordable for the money.


A modern Internet user watches videos – reading text is a thing of the past.


Today, videos are the most effective sales tool. The video grabs attention and affects the subconscious. The dynamic picture is complemented by sound. For this reason, movies, television, video clips are the most effective persuasion tool.


The video introduces ideas and feelings. Video affects the visitor emotionally, allows you to “see with your eyes and want”.


The presence of a video on the site has a positive effect on the company’s image. High-quality video will set you apart from competitors who have only photos or texts.


Video creation consists of several stages:


The first stage is the development of the concept of the video. This requires a director. An experienced director has a “vision of the whole”: he sees the general idea and concept at all stages of the video’s creation.


The next stage is script writing. Scenario – a detailed description of the action on the basis of which the video is created.


Video filming can take place in various locations: most often it takes place directly at the client’s company. This requires at least a day: equipment is brought to the location:

– Lighting.

– Tripods.

– Video and photo cameras.

– Monitor for tracking.

– Optional: power supplies, media, wires, replaceable lighting elements, etc.

Next comes the process of filming a video.


The material is brought to the studio, a video is edited from the source files: the most successful segments of the video are edited into a complete video sequence. Then the post-processing stage: color correction, effects, sound processing.


The video is published on the site, integrated into the site design.

In the future, you can negotiate the promotion of the video on video hosting.