Mini website

The division of sites into categories is conditional, and is designed to simplify perception. Websites websites set are varied.

Сайт визитка

For ease of perception, you can define that a mini-site is a small site up to about 10 pages, which is also sometimes called a “business card site”.


Most often, a small site consists of a home page, a contact page with a directions map and feedback, a page about the company, several pages about services or goods, a price list.


The category “mini-site” does not limit its design, the “mini-site” can be anything, depending on the wishes and tasks of the client.

A mini-site created by a professional designer often creates a feeling of compactness, integrity, there is “nothing superfluous” in it.


The main task of such a site is to inform the visitor about what the company is doing, tell about the services, benefits, and provide an opportunity to contact.


To create more complex sites with the ability to register, online stores, etc. – focus on more functional options: online store or portal.