Online store

Online store – a site from which sales are carried out. This is a selling site in every sense.


Informational web-sites (one page site, internet showcase) are called “selling” because they are designed to increase sales: to interest, to direct visitors to the company. An online store is a direct sales tool.


An online store is a virtual office, a virtual self-service store. An effective online store is convenient to use, simple and straightforward, aesthetic in appearance.


All the nuances of web development are taken into account to create an online store that is capable of generating profit.

There are several types of online stores:


1) Single product store. If the company sells one product or service, you can create a store that sells this single product. On the modern web, there is already a category of sites that advertise one product or service – this is a “landing page”. In fact, an online store for a mono-product is a landing page with the function of direct selling a product or service.


2) Online store of a narrow profile. Unlike a store with one product, it has the ability to select several products of the same category. This can be done by choosing variations of one product, or choosing from different positions. Such a site does not need a large branched menu, but it is more functional in comparison with the previous version.


3) “Mini-market”. The most common category of online stores. ” A similar online store sells goods from one specific area: clothing, footwear, handicrafts, building materials – any field of activity. The assortment of goods can be divided into several categories. The most suitable option for a small company that works in a specific field.


4) Supermarket, hypermarket. A fairly wide range of products from various fields. Such a site can be of different cost and complexity.


If the budget for creating an online store is limited, it is possible to limit yourself to standard functionality for a faster and more budgetary website creation and track demand and efficiency. In the future, you can develop the site. And yet, in order to create an effective selling online store, you should initially carefully work out the structure of the site and create a terms of reference.