PPC advertisement

Contextual advertising or PPC (Pay For Click – “Pay Per Click”) – paid ads in the search engine.

Контекстная реклама

A quick way to get into the search results of search engines and get customers.


For such an advertisement to work effectively, it must be properly configured:


– Drawing up a “semantic core” (a list of search queries by which clients will find you). The term of execution is 1-2 days.


– Creating and setting up contextual advertising in Google Ads or Yandex Direct: drafting the ad text, choosing an advertising strategy, type of matching keywords, setting targeting (geographic location where ads should be displayed), compiling an initial list of “minus words” (to maximally exclude erroneous clicks ), the passage of account moderation – about 5 days (the timing of the moderation depends on the search engine).


– Tracking and correction of the advertising campaign: studying statistics of visits, setting the cost per click, controlling the real requests of visitors, correcting the “semantic core”, if necessary, switching from “broad match” to “phrasal” or “exact occurrence”, adding negative keywords », Experimenting with the text of ads, adding ad extensions (additional links, phone numbers, etc.) – for the most effective budget spending on advertising throughout the entire time, at first all the time.


– Determine the activity of competitors who can “click” your budget and determine the way of counteraction.


– Achieve a high level of CTR (the ratio of impressions to clicks), in order to achieve the minimum price for a profitable position. The cost of creating and setting up contextual advertising in Google (Adwords) or Yandex (Direct) is approximately 100 €.