Price list

Price list

1. Standard solutions

Choose quickly from standard solutions:
landing page, visit card, online-store.

Price list

Price list

2. Comprehersive approach

Full range services: from research to finishing touches.

Price list

Price list

3. Single services

Select service, that You need:
re-do webside, create GoogleAds campaign, “treat” website and much more

Price list

Price list

1. Standart solutions


Price list

Landing page

Price list– from 100$

Price list– 2-5 days

Price list– one long page

Price list– static* or CMS*

Price list

Visit card

Price list– from 100$

Price list– 2-5 days

Price list– 1-9 pages include

Price list– static* or CMS*

Price list


Price list– from 200$

Price list– 4-10 days

Price list– 10-50 pages include

Price list– static or CMS

Price list

Online store

Price list– from 300$

Price list– 6-14 days

Price list– unlimited pages

Price list– CMS only

Price list

2. Comprehersive approach



Price list


STEP 2: Developing

Price list


STEP 3: Incarnation

Price list


STEP 4: Promoting, maintenance

Price list

3. Full list of services

1. Serearches

Internet marketing

Price listInternet marketing – is collecting an information about users: demand analysis, the total number of potential customers, the number of visits, the behavior of visitors to the site, the ratio of visits and phone calls, etc.

The purpose of marketing research – increase the number of orders.

▶ Price – 70€/day

2. Creating

Concept development and requirements specification

Price listThe concept of a site – is its main objective and strategy. Development of the concept – the definition of tasks of the site, its functionality, the overall style of design. Concept Development – the most important stage on which depend the above steps and the success of the whole project.
The Terms of Reference (requirements specification, TOR) – this is a specific instructions for developers (designers, coders and programmers), compiled on the based on the concept. Making the TOR requiring particular skills, experience and time.
Concept development of the site and preparation of the TOR – complex service, exacted for large projects (portals, online shops, etc.) which need an active part of the customer.

Price – from 100€.

Web design

Price listDesign, which increasing number of sales, calling “marketing design”. To create it, web developer should have the skills of a designer, marketer, sociologist and be able to think like a visitor. Web design reflects the theme of the company, it is convenient and intuitive, encourages users to buy.

The cost of title page design (including coding) – from 250€

Adaptive web design

Price listWeb site design that looks equally good on all devices, called adaptive.
The number of people using smartphones and tablets to view the sites is growing every day. Sites that can
adapt to the mobile screens brings greater income – increase the probability of an order from smartphones and tablets, as well as generally more
positively evaluated by
search engines. We can develop an adaptive design of an existing site, and also to execute just
Adaptive coding for your design.
Adaptive design developing – from 50€. Adaptive coding – from 50€.

Creating a logo

Price listTo be recognizable and stand out among competitors, the company needs a trademark. As a trademark can be used an emblem (a unique graphic symbol, picture, expressing the theme of the company) and logo (a unique graphic mark of the company`s name). Often, a combination of emblem and logo called “trade block”.

The cost of creating a logo – from 100€.

Corporate identity

Price listBeautiful corporate identity – it`s individuality and status of the company.

Development of corporate identity includes selection of corporate colors (taking into account color influence on subconscious), the choice of corporate fonts, etc. Also, the service includes the development of business cards, letterheads, envelopes and CD incl. package. Website design – can also be made taking into account the company’s corporate identity.

Cost of of creating a corporate identity – from 100€.

Writing texts with messages

Price listSuch texts is placed most often on website`s home page and contains a properly formulated messages, You want to convey to the visitor.

To write text with messages requires knowledge of psychology, sociology, etc.

The price calculated individually for your project. Estimated cost – $35€/text.

3. Content production:

Correction of Your photos

Price listBeautiful photos of products, competent illustration of services help to increase the number of sales.

Remotely – we offer photo treatment, using the computer graphics.

Price – from 1,5€/photo.

Website treatment and adjustment

Price listOur studio provides a full range of
technical services:
– Coding website,
– Domain name,
– Hosting website on servers,
– Much more.

We design and construct sites
with any level of complexity – from single page websites to online stores
and portals.

Inner pages template design

Price listInner pages must suite homepage design. Same time, each page must have its structure and content.

Cost of design of inner pages from 25€.

Creation of inner pages and publication of materials.

Price listPrice depends on complexity of coding.

Approximately – from 2€.


Price listText part of the website is reading by the search engines` robot. If the site contains text been copied – search engine automatically reduces the rank of this site. To fill the pages with unique (not copied) text needs specialist – copywriter.

Cost – 3€/1000 characters without spaces.

4. Advertisement and promotion


Price listA quick way to get into the search results of search engines and get customers – the so-called “contextual advertising” (Google AdWords, Yandex Direct). It is a paid advertisements in search results. Contextual advertising is paid in search engine for each click on your ad (each transition to your site). For the efficient operation of such advertising it needs to be correctly adjusting.

Price – from 25€.

Search engine optimisation

Price listSEO-optimization (site promotion in search engines).

Search engine optimization (promotion, SEO) – are those methods in which your web-site will be shown in first positions of the search results.

The price of search engine optimization calculating individually.