Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a set of measures aimed at ensuring that the Google search engine evaluates a site as the most “suitable” for users for certain queries and shows it on the first pages of search results.

Поисковая оптимизация (SEO)
It can be formulated as follows: we are trying to be “liked” by the Google search robot, so that it puts our site in the first positions for a specific query.
The advantage of search engine optimization: if the site is in the top, there is no need to pay for Google Ads.
The conditional disadvantages include a long period of getting into the top.

Google’s algorithms are rapidly improving and it is getting harder and harder to be”liked” by Google.


To date, optimization is most influenced by the frequency of site updates (adding new pages with “correct” texts), which sites link to the site, how many people follow these links and many other nuances. If the site is being followed, it is being developed – Google brings the site up in the search results.
We can say that maintaining, developing and optimizing a site are interrelated actions.
At the first stage, to start – you should decide on the budget – determine how much money is available for website promotion and for what type of promotion. Often, firms use both – Google Ads as a quick way to find customers and start selling, plus search engine optimization to be in the top in the future and not pay for ads.

Also, for both types of promotion, you should first develop the so-called “semantic core of requests” – a list of requests by which the user will find the site. Any promotion starts with this list of requests.