Web design

Web design is different from other types of design: graphic design or illustration creation. Website design is more than choosing colors, fonts and images. Web design is primarily about marketing design.

Дизайн сайта

The selling design reflects the theme of the company, it is convenient and understandable, and encourages the user to make a purchase.
The first thing that your visitor sees is the general image of the site, the “picture”.

The rest remains “behind the scenes”: on what system the site is made, what technologies and programming languages ​​were used in its development – the visitor sees only the “picture”. She gives the impression of the company.

Whether the visitor will stay on the site, whether he will contact the company depends on the impression in the first few seconds.

Important. Most customers often understand the term “picture” as a kind of “beautiful picture” that causes aesthetic pleasure. In the sphere of selling design, the usual notion of “prettiness” does not exist and the “picture” must first of all be “correct” – evoking the necessary sensations and associations. At the same time, the design must be made aesthetically pleasing, harmonious and in accordance with all design rules.

An experienced web designer knows how to competently implement the task, the general idea and concept of the site using photos, color palette, fonts, etc.