Web programming

A web programmer is a specialist in creating website code.


Web programmist:
– Knows markup and programming languages ​​that are used for site layout.
– Has skills of working with popular “engines” (content management systems).
– Knows of the principle of the Internet.
– Has skills in the SEO (search engine optimization).
– Knows basics of web design (at a basic level).
– Knows of current trends in the Web.

Layout is the final stage of website creation. The professionalism of the layout designer determines how accurately the design and functionality of the site will be created.

A web programmer brings to life all the ideas: concept, design and “chips”, conceived during the creation of the site. He creates a site code from the received technical assignment.

The terms of reference for the layout designer is the design and accompanying documentation.

If a marketer and a designer know WHAT to do, then a web programmer knows HOW to do it.

We create any kind of sites – from one-page sites to portals.
We offer our clients modern responsive websites that look good on all types of devices.

We also provide a full range of technical services:
– Registration of hosting, domain name, etc.
– Hosting the site on servers (lay out on the Internet).
– “Treatment” of the site (elimination of problems)
– Website revision.
– Technical support of the site.
– Other technical work.